Saturday, September 1, 2007


Everyone loves a flock of Wowls!
So we are making some for Thrifty Gift Maker Week 10.
Moonstitches blog has a fabulous How-To that will have you making swarms of these little cuties. Take a look at hers spelling out things at the end!

Just go to this Tutowlrial for the step-by-step photo how-to.
There are no templates or measurements or anything to download. But this is an easy one to just eyeball. (Once you try, you will understand how that works.)

Can't you just see them with a little elfin hat and a scarf...
Maybe a bunch of them all nestled together in a decorated egg carton, ready to swoop down onto some lucky friend's mantle. Or with little clips on their feet, ready to roost in a Christmas tree!

So please email me with pics of your flock, because I think these are just a Hoot!

Don't forget...
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