Friday, September 26, 2014

Prepping for October

I am a regular user of Weavolution and the annual HalloWeave challenges are getting set to start at the beginning of October. As I don't have school, or regular work, I am feeling all ready to jump into the deep end. Per normal, right?

I have joined one group which is all about daily weaving- doing something & being accountable. I have high hopes for this one as I have a decently long list of projects which have been languishing.

And then what did I do? Yep- I decided to create another group. This one is about three-dimensional sculpture. I just posted it, so I am now all a-twitter thinking about what I might want to make for this group. Here is a link to the page of the group I just created, Mad Scientists.

In actual work, I have pulled out my rigid heddle loom to make some placemats. There is a bit of rusty orange rug warp on it from a project I didn't like. I will continue to use that and just add more of it, plus black. I am going to do rep weave and the weft will be black, as I just don't think I can get the sett of the warp close enough for lighter colored to work well. I should have some progress to report on that front soon!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Apparently I am in acquisition mode. I can blame the season right?

I knew I would be getting at least a bit of tapestry stuff from a guildie today, but I wasn't expecting to want all her books and video and little sampling loom.

PLUS other guildies brought boxes and bagsof yarns they needed rid of. I ended up bringing home a "bit" of that too. All wool, some commercial, but I am pretty sure that pink is a handspun.

Time to make things I guess.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New toy. Because. Oh, and a bit of yarn, but that doesn't seem to need as much justification as the sock loom. :)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

My annual post, apparently: August 2014.

Not much new in the fibery world I live in. Last year was my final year at Evergreen and I got into a fantastic program studying Ireland, culminating with a 2 month stay in Ireland. I am not sure that I have quite digested all of that yet. I did buy a few fibery things: woven blanket, knit sweater, a bunch of Brigid's Crosses, some cones of yarn ends and some knitting stuff. I learned to knit a bit more. And then I got back and had to face the real world, with demands of husband and family and just time to stop and think. So I reorganized my work space!
This is the current iteration:

- The triangle loom is finally approaching finished- less than 50 pegs left to go. And I have a plan for getting it finished in the next week. Amazing. I will miss that massive loom when I return it. But at least I will be able to get to all the stuff I have stashed behind it. And then I can start on the massive list of my to-do.
- I still have my little 4 shaft Bergman CM upstairs, and it still has the blue/black overshot to be finished to recover a stool.
- My 8-shaft Harrisville jack loom still has the sampling from the conference in Bellingham last year, as does the rigid heddle loom.
- My mother in law in Montana. gave me a small 2-shaft table loom, a bit stouter and bigger than a Brio. It needs a bit of work, as it was in a dirt basement. I also got a small tapestry loom. I need to make a floor stand for it, but as soon as the triangle loom comes down, it is getting warped and used!
- The quilting stuff will soon have it's own storage and access. I have all the parts to the knitting machine. I have space to see all my stuff. The big storage wall is expandable, as it is an IKEA Stolmen system, so I could add to it if that seems necessary.
- I have a list, I have some goals, I am weaving some most days, and I may actually start using all the machinery and fibers I have accumulated. But even if I have to postpone due to other events in my life, it is well organized and not scattered about all over the place.
- When the guild starts up again, I plan on starting basketry.