Friday, August 7, 2009

she shops, She SCORES!

Have you noticed a certain theme to my summer- a certain shop-iness?
I have...
Oh well.
I am good at it! Look at my new stash of weaving finds!
It was an estate sale, and no one had an idea of what went with what. Or even what they were. It was a bot of a treasure hunt.

A spool rack, a niddy noddy, spool winder, a pair of carders, some interesting prints of old looms and a set of lease sticks. And at a different sale later in the day, I got there just as they were putting out a nice selection of quilting rulers.

Of course, there was a lovely basket full of shuttles: stick & boat & rag, plus spools and a nice tangle of string heddles. And a nice big basket. Oh- there is a tapestry beater in there too.

But look at this- THE BOX OF THE UNKNOWNS

What the heck are these things???
The upper right is some sort of shuttle with a tweezers type end... but for what specifically?
Bottom left is a pair of things for... something?
Upper left- no idea.
Bottom right- hubby thinks it is a sewing type thingy?
Any ideas?