Monday, September 3, 2007

Pugs Gone Wild

So what do you get when you introduce a bag a fluff to an environment already inhabited by a pug dog?

Lilly thinks you get a party!
She grabs a big huge mouthful and prances around in front of me, enticing me to chase her and take it away.
When that game pales, she takes a rest, puts her foot on it, and drags it through her teeth.
Then when she is done with that, she leaves it there.
A slobbery mess for me to clean up.
But it is a party, much like a new ball of yarn.
And it isn't as if she is entirely wrong.
And she doesn't eat it.
So it gets into the cute things category.

Even if said bag is now rather ragged and holey now.

The little owls are put up.


Papoosue said...

Oh dear!!

Thank you so much for your kind comments re my quilties. I am so impressed that you have tried inchies - I haven't had the courage to get that small yet!

Sarah Nopp said...

Thanks! I tried and failed with inchies. I am trying again. I think I need to find a swap for them. Then I will get the finished for sure.