Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day laborings

In the USA, today has been Labor Day. A day off for many. And a bit of an Unofficial End of Summer three-say weekend. It is often a say spent at backyard cook-outs, or cleaning up after that last camping trip. (And often a traffic jam that takes 4 hours to get through. Just to convince you not to do this type of thing again.)

My Labor Day weekend was nothing like that-
Yes, there were some similarities to a campsite: lack of basic hygiene, eating cold leftovers for my meals (plus BBQ Lays & Diet Coke), and a dog at my side the whole day. But I have been inside my house All Weekend.

I sewed!

I finally got all the blocks for my Starbright quilt completed. These blocks started as 2.5" squares, and are now (supposedly) 6.5" blocks.
I did a lot of sewing today, and spent about 15% of the time un-sewing. Not a bad ratio in my book!

My goal is to have this top completed and quilted in time to take it to Quilt Retreat on September 14. I don't want to drag a sleeping bag with me this year.
Even if I have to add binding the night I arrive at Retreat, I will feel like I accomplished my goal. But I am going for the Finish.
This will be first quilt I have completed that is larger than lap size. After 15 years of mucking about with the dog quilts & fluffy things, I have finally made something large enough to use myself.
I will tell you which I prefer after I quilt-wrestle it through my travel sized sewing machine LOL
...I may just rent out the Long-arm machine at the local shop.


Homeleightigger said...

Hi Sarah - thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your comment. Came over to have a nose at what you are doing - love your Star Quilt. Are you going to machine quilt it? What about free machine quilting it - from the back? You'd get it done for the Retreat then. Val

loulee1 said...

Hi, thanks for stopping in to see me too! I love your star quilt, very nice.

swooze said...

Looks great. You are so close to a finish!

Sarah Nopp said...

Thanks! Yes, I think I know how I will quilt it. Just simple straight lines through every other row of squares. And I think a line of echo quilting around each star. I have some very nice variegated white-to-deep-blue Valdani I think will tie it all together nicely.
That is the plan this morning... I wonder what I will actually do...

Debi said...

Very nice quilt, I love the blues and the stars. Stars are my favorites. I can't wait to see the finished quilt.

Karol-Ann said...

Your top looks great - hope you get it finished in time!

Jeanette said...

Hi Sarah!
Wow this is amazing! I love the colors.So much work!Way to go! I have faith in you - of course you will finish it in time! Good luck!!!

And Thank you for your kind comment on my felted pieces at Indigo blog.


Andrea said...

This is going to be stunning. I love blue. Hope you get it done in time. I would love to be able to rent a long arm for a day !

Kathy Wagner said...

This is an amazing quilt - you're so close to finishing! Good idea to set a goal for your retreat.

Rose Marie said...

Stars and plaids .... my favourites!

Sarah Nopp said...

You know... a few people have mentioned liking the stripes. There are actually no striped fabrics in this top- no plaids either LOL
I guess I got so focused on the individual fabrics that I didn't notice how they gave that impression.
I will have to play with some stripes & plaids in the next thing I do. Maybe a flannel wuilt... and friendship stars? That would be very toasty.

Jeanne said...

Sarah, your Star quilt is so pretty. I'm sure you'll make your goal and will cuddle under it during your retreat. Is it a commercial pattern?