Friday, March 27, 2009

Yummy fabric

Today I did a naughty thing.
I went to the always wonderful Ruby Street Quilt Works. That in itself is not so naughty.
The naughty thing: I enticed a friend to go to the shop with me for the first time. It was such fun listening to her and her daughter say ooo and I NEED this and Look! and eeeeeeee! I think I will be seeing lovely fabric things in their home soon LOL
I did have another purpose for going to the shop, aside from enticing someone else into the fiber lust that I know so well:
Baby Quilt fabric selecting!
So here is what I picked out. I know some people won't see a baby quilt in this, but the fabrics are gorgeous and I really get tired of soft pastels that are all washed out without any strong design elements. Rant over. (I hope I bought enough to create lots of scraps so I can make something for me too.)
So my question... what quilt design would you make with this selection?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fibers in hand, finally!

I finally had a chance to start my long awaited love affair with Weaving shops. For all the quilters I know, and knitters, there simply aren't many brick & mortars around me that carry supplies for weavers. Which means I have to order cones and tools online. And that is just not so much fun, since I want to TOUCH things.

Anyway, I recently had a chance to drive from Tucson AZ to Olympia (3 days, tired butt, missing espresso) and I took a bit of extra cash so that I could stop in to a Weaving shop somewhere along the way.

The Where: Eugene, Oregon.
The Shop: the Eugene Textile Center (
The goodies: 10/2 cottons & a sleying hook (Harrisville Designs).

I loved the shop- they are just chock full of great 'things'. And VERY friendly. (That ranks up there with supplies in my opinion of value.)
They have a ton of classes, and since I am only about a 4 hour drive north, something I will be watching for. She has looms available for people to use and make things. There are new & used looms for sale, new tools like hooks and warping boards and reeds and carding tools and more & more. Even a couple beginner looms- there was one marketed as a Knitter's Loom, which I think was just a good little rigid heddle loom with the basics to get started.
And of course fibers- silk & bamboo & wool and all. Just plenty to choose from. Oh- her "end of the cone" remnant selection was $8/lb.

I am proud of myself as I reined in my fiberlust and spent a very conservative $30- a half cone of pink and a new cone of natural, plus the hook. I could have easily spent a LOT more.

Take a look at the shop's website for directions, but it is north of Eugene on Hwy 99, right behind that Donut Shop you see in the picture.
And I must say Thank You to my father for agreeing to the side trip and letting my play in the shop a bit!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Raffle quilt progress

I have been sewing a bit-
Not at home of course, as that would require I clean up all the computer detritus and innards strewn about the former sewing space.
No, I sew On the Go!

This weekend I took my bits and pieces and sewing machine up for my monthly (sometimes only time each month) sewing day with the other ladies of WASIQ (Washington State Internet Quilters) (and yes, there may be men in the 300+ membership, but I haven't met any) and we sewed and ate and sewed and gossiped and sewed all day Saturday.

I am glad I got the majority of the top completed. I even pieced a house to add some more hominess!
Now I just need to trim down the side and add borders now and I will be ready to add borders. I am thinking two borders. Solid borders- not pieced. This may change of course, as I originally thought little pieced border would be very charming!

But the plan as it is now...
First will be a thin-ish border of the with with blue. Then a thicker border of the green with dots. Then I think the dark blue with stars makes the best binding.

I may actually get this finished before the March meeting where we are supposed to be raffling it off! One step at a time though... I still need to cut those border and apply them. Then quilting of course.