Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Contrite or Contrary?

So as I look at my combo sewing room/ home office. I feel sense of annoyance.

Annoyance at myself for having allowed it to reach this state.

Annoyance that I am going to have to put it back together.

Annoyance that I am not a princess who can simply wave my hands and have it done for me.

So I am posting this, in the hopes that this publishing my disaster will shame me into action. Of course, I must acknowledge my own stubbornness. And acknowledge the perverse pleasure I get in bing stubborn.

Maybe I will change my ways.

Check back for updates...

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Boar Block, Trial #1

Here is my first attempt at this Boar. As you can probably tell, I chose background fabric that was a bit too simiar in value to the fabric I used for the Boar. I really need more fabs for boars I guess :) I also think the tusk needs to be larger... and I am just not happy with the head and snout yet...

Maybe I will make some changes. Maybe I will get distracted and make something else. :)

Like more little house blocks.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

UgFab Received!

I got my squishie of Ugly Fabric this week! (Don't you love getting squishies??)

I am very excited to work on this project, it is my first Challenge!
(Go to www.quiltchat.com for info. It is in the Swaps link).
Essentially, a bunch of us chatters sent a 1/2 yard of 'ugly' fabric from our stash, and receive a half yard from another quilter. We are then challenged to make a quilt with that fabric, and are only allowed to supplement with 3 other fabrics.
But, luckily for me... I think my fabric is gorgeous :)
But what to do... What to do...
Tell me what you think, I would love to know.

Happy Year of the Boar!

I was looking around the internet... trying ever so hard to find a paper-pieced pattern for a pig or a boar. I guess it doesn't exist. So I decided to Draft one myself!
Can you tell I am a little proud of myself?
Well, here is the image of the design, if you email me, I would be happy to email you a copy of it, or a pdf of it.

Once I get the actual block completed, I will post a picture immediately.
Happy New Year!