Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tote more!

More cuteness, this time for Newly 5 Year Old: my niece McKenna!

She should receive this in a week or so, and I do hope she likes it, all stuffed with stickers and markers and crayons and a big old Spongebob activity/coloring book.
I decided it needed a pocket both inside and out, plus how can prairie points be bad?

I hope I get some pictures of her using it!

I was able to whip this up at a sew-til-midnight session at South Sound Sew & Vac. So I thought I should really make a plug for feeding us pizza, giving me a place to run away and sew, and a chance to chat up other interesting women.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hooky & a Finish

I played a bit of hooky from work today and managed to put together this child-sized tote for a small friend who is going to Disneyland in a couple days. It is a birthday present (don't ask how late it is, eek!) and I hope she uses it to keep busy on that flight.

I stuffed it with colored pencils and a little sketch book and some stickers and other drawing paraphrenalia. It may be a tad old for her, but I know she will excited to get a grown up style gift like this.

I decided to make this a reversible tote- it is hard to see since I used the same fabrics inside & out. But you can see the difference at the seam lines on the pictures here, and I added a pocket to one side and a set of pockets to the other.

Now... I just have to get this to the child BEFORE she leaves on vacation!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Official-ness! Anyone else have one?

This is a patch I got during one of the membership drives for #QuiltChat- the IRC hosted chat that has been around since the early '90s. Tonight, during chat, a few of us were reminiscing.
I was just wondering if anyone reading this has one still, and maybe remembers which years they were sent out?
It would be great to reconnect with some of the past regulars who have drifted off!
I have been chatting in QuiltChat since 1994 or 1995 and my nickname is SarKarNor, in case you are trying to figure out which character I am.
(All quilters are welcome to join us! And we are from all around the globe, so it is very possible to find chatters in there round the clock.)

Another Little Finish

I love it when I complete things ahead of schedule! This doesn't have to be in the mail until July, but getting it done makes me feel very virtuous. Neener-neener-neener.
Actually, getting it done feels like a Victory, since I have a tendency to be the dreamer-of and starter-of things type of personality. Show me a thing, I will brainstorm the heck out of it! (In fact, I am at this very moment scheming a way to start a niche market e-retailer that I cannot talk about, Shhhh!)
This is a little quilt for the ALQS: Another Little Quilt Swap (link on the side over there --->) and my swappee, who I am not sure reads my blog... Hmm... I wonder if the organizer (the fantastic Kate) is planning a spectacular Reveal thingy.
I have been watching the progress on the main site of ALQS, and all the participator sites and wasn't sure this was going to come together as well as the other ones already posted did. But I am happy with its very cheerful self! And now that I have made this in the Doll Quilt size, with 2-inch finished 4-patches and little setting triangles, I may have to make this for myself! Very fun to do! And now that I have a little cheater graph for cutting the half-square and quarter-square setting triangles, not at all hard to plan.
Next Step- wrap and pack and throw in a little goody the recipient will love and ship it off! (Having a blog to look at has been a great way to figure out what someone likes.)
Kate- It will be in the mail Monday.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Quilt bloggers round the world!

Are you interesting in finding quilters around the globe? I am! (Just take a look at my blog role on the side --->)
Anyway, you can click on this link and search for quilty bloggers by location!
I have added mine, I hope you add yours.
As of today, there are 755 sites on this list, with a total of 30 countries represented.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


No, not the kind that we all fight against.

Real labels. For quilts!

Because in my guild, we get flogged when we forget to add one!

So here is proof that I made a label for the quilt I made.
I made it. Isn't it cute?

The quilt was auctioned off for a Habitat For Humanity fundraiser last March. The quilt was made of the winning posters of the annual Third Grade Poster Contest and some batik-white nine patch blocks I received in a swap from WASIQ members. The posters are from a county-wide contest my local Association of Realtors holds every year. (I am a Realtor, if you didn't know.)
But this is the first year we made a quilt from the posters. (I may have created a monster!)
The agent who bought it gave it as a gift to her broker, and my understanding it is going to hang at a local office for all to enjoy.
I also delivered it, so that is a FINISH!!!
Just in time for me to get started on the one for next year LOL But we hope to get it done sooner this year so we can raffle it off and raise even more money.
Wish me luck!