Sunday, September 30, 2007

No Waste Gift Bags

I really do not like giftwrap which gets thrown out. So I, like many of you, reuse every gift bag I receive, along with the tissue paper.

But sometimes the paper gets mucked up, or you need something that can be shipped without spilling all from the inside. So I make little drawstring bags, envelopes and other packets to wrap my gifts in.

This week's Thrifty Gift is a selection of drawstring bags.

The simplest is just a folded piece of fabric with a small channel along the top edge for a drawstring, something like this perhaps.

Another is a circular fabric with holes for lacing a string through, as shown here.

There are a number of variations to this idea available on the internet, including this one for an Apple Bag, a free design by the Leisure Arts company.

More complex patterns include reversible drawstring bags, cone shaped, animal shaped, zippered, compartmentalized- just about anything you can imagine. If I find anything special, I will be sure to post it. But please post any links you find in the Comments section here and I will try my hand at them.

This is the Week 14 (or 15) Project for Thrifty Gift Maker hour, a live online chat held at #QuiltChat- all are welcome to join in the fun! (I have lost track a bit, lost count of the time LOL)I host Gift Maker Chat on Sundays @ 7 pm & Mondays @ 10 am EST, but there are usually folks in around the clock.

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Kim said...

Oooooo I really like these. My quilty friends usually get their gifts wrapped in a fq or something. I need to make some bags to hold OTT lights for classes -sigh- and some rotory cutter holders....