Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Recovering from Retreat

Ohhh- Home at Last!

Retreat is one of those vacations that you need a rest from after it is done. A bit of manual labor really. (So why isn't it better exercise??)

Retreat started last Friday, and it was such a blast! I am so glad to have met such wonderful friends who have welcomed me into their circle and invited me back to join them at such a gorgeous location.

We had a great time at Camp Luther, which is located on Lake Hatzic, east of Vancouver BC. Below is the view west, from the deck just off the workspace we all played in.

My space- not nearly as organized and tidy as "some". The 25 retreat-ors were set up on these great tables and we had a nice couple of pressing centers and a large cutting out/ laying out area for all to use.

Here is my bed- and I did get to sleep under my quilt top- I added the binding the first night of Retreat. As you can imagine, the 'beds' were super comfy, and there were two per room, plus a full bed. (The trick to getting any sleep on the bunk is to steal the mattress off the top bunk.) (And wearing earplugs.)(And to go to bed really, really tired.)
This is a quilt top which I finished while there- it started as a great little Mystery Quilt trio. But I couldn't leave well enough alone and combined and changed and combined a bit. It is shown here draped over my loom.
These are some mini quilts I started, and almost completed- they were 1 1/4 inch squares when cut from the scrap bin.

And... some Stash Enhancing. I couldn't resist. It was a Quilt weekend, right???

And I have already paid my deposit for next year!

I should start counting down the days...


Andrea said...

We don't really have quilt retreats in UK so I am really jealous - they sound like just my thing. Maybe I should hoof out my DH and kids and start my own. You had a great productive time I think and I love everything you did.

Mary said...

Sounds a fantastic time and in such a beautiful setting.

Anne Heidi said...

Wow, sounds like a wonderful weekend! Love the quilts.

Kathy Wagner said...

Sounds just great! Love the mini quilts!

Sweet P said...

What a beautiful place for a quilt retreat. All your projects are wonderful. My favorite is the mystery trio quilt. Those fabrics are awesome together.