Saturday, May 26, 2007

UgFab Part 3: The home stretch

So.. as I assumed I would, I waited until the last minute, made a few changes, then sewed my project in one day LOL

First step: Make sure the fabrics were the ones I wanted to use... Was there a way to get a red into this group?? No?? Bummer. But! I swapped out one of the gold colored fabrics with this very pretty cream with brown. (It really looks like a stone you would see in a floor tile, as you will see below.)
The next step was to decide the pattern. What's that? You still didn't know your pattern? No, no, no. I have been approaching quilt pattern design in a more organic way and I allow the fabric to tell me what it will be. Barring that, I just cut it into strips, chop a bit more, sew a bit more, and Bingo! Quilt City!

This is what I made!
(Thanks to all the encouragement and help of the lovely ladies of WASIQ! You rock!)
It is not finished yet, not quite- I still need to use that remaining gold as a border, and perhaps a bit of the dark brown as a binding?
But it did turn out pretty well, so far!
Now... I just need to get it completed in time for the Challenge vote!
(In 4 days. )