Monday, November 17, 2008

Too cute for cabbage?

See... I fall in love with delicious fabrics.

Then I get all practical and say "I should make a grocery bag- with these fabrics, it will be way cuter than those cheap store bought totes."
So I do. And it IS cute.
In fact, I used lots of cute, as the bag is lined with cute, and has different fabrics on either side of the outer. And even more in an orphan block turned pocket.

But now I don't want to put wet and smelly things in. But I really want to show it off!

If you decide to make a tote, don't forget to inlude a side loop for a bottle of wine. Next time, I will probably use a velcro closure. Maybe. Also- put a little loop at the top of the back so the bag can be held upright on those plastic bag dispensers at the store.