Thursday, June 20, 2013

ANWG Conference 2013

I am in Bellingham, WA on Western Washington University campus at the 2013 NW Weavers Conference. I am tired! But it is fun. I have met some great people sharing what they know with in the weaving world, and already learned quite a bit from my first class.
In this class with Kay Faulkner, we are learning sotis, the West Timor name of a warp faced weave structure she found on textiles from southeast Asia. It has a nice pebbled surface, like the more familiar Andean pebble weave. In order to translate this traditionally backstrap woven structure to a multi-shaft loom, it requires is a fairly complex warping sequence, as well and doubled and trebled threads in the heddles. As it is warp faced, it is also quite yarn intensive. I am weaving at 96 epi!
Actually, I am not weaving yet- that starts today. So I have no pictures to share. But I do have a picture of the view from the cafeteria here on this lovely campus.

The vendor and guild booths and juried shows open today, so I will have LOTS of pictures in the next post. Including a bit of what I have been doing. And I am here until Sunday.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Some tools

I have less than twelve hours to complete my papers and portfolio for the end of this school year, so I thought I would distract myself and post pictures here!
There are some tools I made during spring quarter, things to help me in weaving.

First is a nice long wooded hook, useful for triangle loom weaving.
Second is an extra long, double ended sleying hook / reed hook made of brass.
Third is a set of wheels (rollerskates!) for my Harrisville floor loom.

Now, I must get back to editing the final papers. And self evaluation. Gah.