Monday, June 11, 2007

UgFab: Completed

I finally had time to finish and photograph my Table Runner!


Not only did I get to sew and finish the runner, I sewed while my husband worked. So a happy home.

Have you ever used that foil stuff for hot pads? That is what I used in this- the hot pad interior stuff and a layer of Warm & Natural. It made it a tough cookie to handle! Kept sliding around and getting caught up. And I don't know how well by blade and needle did... I shall wait and see. For the quilting, I used the new large thread spools of mercerized cotton from Coats & Clark- no troubles whatsoever.

The runner turned out about 6 feet long, point to point. And I did end up changing the outer border fabric yet again- it just needed a bit of sparkle! The detail also shows the backing fabric, which is my new favorite! It is this browns/rusts with a sublte chain link fence pattern. Really neat fabric, that I am thinking of all sort of uses for!


Greenmare said...

good job!!!!!!!!!

Jeanne said...

It turned out really nice even though it was a challenge to handle. Great finish!

Sarah Nopp said...

Thanks! It did turn out nice :) Now to use it for the first time... we shall see LOL

Alycia said...

Looks Great!!