Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Shop Hop or Bust!

And I did a bit of a start on my Hopping while I was out driving around the countryside today.

There are 58 shops participating this year, and in order to qualify for the prizes, we just need to collect stamps on our yellow 'passports' from 16 of the shops. That is actually a pretty tall order, as there is usually at least 1/2 hour drive between each shop.
You haven't Hopped before? Nothing could be easier!
  • Each shop stamps your passport when you visit.
  • A fabric has been designed specifically for this year's hop (see it behind my passport).
  • Each shop has used this fabric to design a block.
  • The block pattern kits include some of the fabrics needed to complete the block.
  • You can then join all the blocks you have collected into a quilt.

Easy Peasy! Just go Shopping :)

I picked up the premade block patterns from the shops in Shelton & Belfair, and I plan on getting 3 more from the Olympia & Tumwater area shops tomorrow.
I wonder if I can make it to the shops in Rochester and Centralia and Chehalis tomorrow... Then I would be halfway!

Shop Hop or Bust!

Ohh, yes, I do spend some money when I do this. But I have found that if I have a fabric theme focus, I don';t go nuts. This year, I will be looking for indigoes and white-on-white fabs. I can't spend too much on that stuff, right?


Saphirz said...

WoW that looks like fun, I wanta go to! You were alot more conservative than I would have been, I have no will power when it comes to fabs.

Sarah Nopp said...

Thanks :)
My dh doesn't agree of course. I only bought two half-yard cuts yesterday! I was soooo good.

swooze said...

Have fun! Hope you can hit 16 shops!

Andrea said...

I am so jealous !! We don't have anywhere near enough quilting shops in UK. Most are far from me so most of my fabric buying is online - just not the same !!Happy shopping !

Sarah Nopp said...

Yes, we are spoiled silly to have so many shops so close at hand. It is amazing how none of them are the same. Usually you can pick up the most popular things at all of them, but then the owner's tastes come out and see all different things at each place.
The choices in fabrics is just amazing. And daunting. A wonderful problem.