Sunday, June 17, 2007

Puppy PIllow

So... I make things for my dog. And my cat LOL
This is a little pillow/cushion I popped together with some bits of poly blend fabrics I had in the closet for loooong time. (Yes, someone gave them to me because I am a quilter.)
I might just have to make a few more :) It was quick and easy... and I had to relearn how to hand sew an invisible stitch.

What have you made from your poly/blends you have been 'gifted' with?


swooze said...

Cute! Lily is adorable. Is she guarding or biting the pillow?

Sarah Nopp said...

She was playing with it. She had been trying to steal the fluff I stuffed it with! So it is a success.

Andrea said...

Hi Sarah ! Thanks for visiting my blog - good to meet you too ! I'm thinking this is seriously addictive !