Sunday, June 3, 2007

Less fear... and a Find!

So... my husband... my wonderful, sweet, patient husband got up with me this morning and we pulled everything out of the garage for another garage sale.

And he reminded me to post much of the bigger items on CraigsList. And he dragged out a bunch of the heretofore mentioned afeared 'stuff" and put it at the curb with a big Free sign.


So we are harmonious and working towards the same goal of good riddance to gobs of baggage.

And as he was going through random drawer #7 he came across my old #QuiltChat badge! I had forgotten all about it! How it ended up in his things I will never know.

Who else has a badge?
Where is your?
Who in the world made these for us and how long ago?
Can we get more?
I feel like we will need to delve deeply into the mists of memory of chatdom...


swooze said...

Wow! A flash from the past. I wonder if I ever got one of those.....

Jeanne said...

Love garage sales. They are a lot of work, but it's amazing how the dollars and quarters add up when the sale is finished.