Friday, June 29, 2007

Thrifty Gift Week #1: Orphan Block Hot Pad

Thanks for joining me for the first week of #QuiltChat's Thrift Gift Maker hour.

Gift Maker chat is scheduled for Sunday 7 pm EST and Monday 10 am EST.

The first week is nice and easy and everyone should be able to make one. Next week we have Show & Tell! (Just email me a picture of what you have made and I will add it to the picture album.)

Step #1 Grab an Orphan Quilt Block-
I know you have a shoebox full!

You will also need some backing fabric (thick cotton is preferred), some binding, some batting or hotpad Insulation.

#2 Cut pieces of backing and batt equal to the size of the the block. Sandwich the layers together and baste- pins should be adequate.

#3 Choose thread to match and quilt your block.

#4 Square up the little quilt and trim.

#5 Apply the binding.

#6 Finished!

This will work with any shape of block you have hanging around, and can even be used to make the glove shaped hotpads.

What can you make?

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