Sunday, August 19, 2007


Week 8! I can't believe we started doing these little projects two months ago.

This week, I plan an taking us into the world of miniatures.

What are inchies? They are as tiny as they sound. One inch by One inch quilts.
And they are all the rage at the moment. Just google the word and you will see crafty types from all around the world caught up in it.

Unfortunately, my inchies came out awful. Nothing like I wanted. All scrunched and mangled.
Your challenge, and I know you can do it better than I... Make some Inchies!

Need a bit of inspiration?
Check out these sites, where creative people have done some amazing things with a one inch square.

Then send me some pictures and tell me how you did it. I am totally annoyed at myself...
I am sure you will see something from me this week...

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Mary Emma Allen said...

Thanks, Sarah, for mentioning my Quilting and Patchwork blog. I'm pleased you found inspiration there. Keep working at your "inchies." They're fun...but sometimes a challenge because you're working on such a small scale.