Sunday, August 19, 2007


"Work like a farmer, Think like a hunter."

I don't know which training course has that line, but I feel like I am really getting that idea now.

My husband calls it shopping. Or collecting. Something like, I don't really pay attention.

I spent all day yesterday sewing, sewing, sewing.
It was great, my back was a tad achey, but I did get a lot of the stupid, blinking 1 1/2 inch squares sewn together. (Why didn't I go with 3 inch squares???) And as I was nearing the end of that looooong line of squares, my sewing machine went wonky. I opened it up and cleaned it and mucked about and sang songs to it and it was still wonky. So I took a break and when I went back it worked better than ever. (Love-love-love my Janome Jem 760!)

But I did have a bit of a scare-- What if!?!?

What if good karma wasn't enough to get my machine purring again? What if I had to take it to the doctor? What would I do for sewing? Because we all know darn good & well that a machine will not go wonky unless there are at least 3 projkects in the works and you have a deadline on at least one of them.

So... I decided to look around for a nice older, all metal, mechanical machine. And CraigsList provided. Amen. I had Choices!

This is my new baby! Found for a very reasonable price, complete with the solid wood cabinet it is housed in and the charming older chair next to it :)

It is a Singer Slantomatic 500A and it sews beatuifully. And Quietly! And it came with all the bits and pieces- this was a fully loaded package when it was new.

Thank you Kathryn for letting me borrow your mini-van to get it home.

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