Saturday, August 11, 2007

Layered Felt Magnets

Thrifty Gift Maker Week 7

Have you ever seen those cute little felt magnets?
Sometimes they are little stars, or dogs, or cats...
with bits of sparkle on the front...
or maybe a bead...
or a stitch or two of embroidery?

I happen to love them. I have them all over my fridge- thanks to my darling friends! And I love to gift them to others as a simple I Love You or as a little 'extra' thing.
But they can get spendy- I have seen them at $3 per magnet.
So let's make them ourselves.

Step 1

Get yourself some magnets (I prefer circular)
Some different colored sheets of felt
Some sparkly things (beads, baubles, findings, etc)

Step 2
Cut out shapes- these are 1 1/4 inch squares from three different colors.
Layer them and glue between (Aleen's is my choice).
Then add a sparkly thing to the front,
Then the magent to the back.

Step 3
Wait for it to dry, then hang them up!

Send me pics of what you make! I don't think I want to post any of mine, as I may be gifting them to some friends :)

I may need to make sets of multiples.
And maybe packaged in some of those Altoid Tins I have- just covered in some pretty fabric... Or in one of the little boxes I made from last week...
And I think some stitching around edges would be cute...
And maybe diferent sizes, or faces, or randomness... And Beads. I love beads...


Jennifer said...

love the magnets and the pug pic - i found your blog after googling the PIF exchange and when I saw that your profile pic contained a pug, I had to read on. i have two pugs of my own.. guinness the fawn pug who is 4 1/2 and dublin the black pug who is 1. loves of my life (besides my hubby lol). anyway, just wanted to say hi : )

Sarah Nopp said...

Thank you Jennifer :) Those magnets are lots of fun! but I am cutting out itsy teensy shapes and then gluing my fingers together LOL
My Lilly pug is quite anti-knitting. She is a yarn thief. I can't imagine how you get anything done with TWO puggins!