Sunday, August 5, 2007

Tiny Treasure Boxes

Tiny Treasure Boxes
Thrifty Gift Maker Week 6

We all need something to put our gifts into.
But I hate to buy wrapping paper.

I just cannot spend that much money on something that will be immediately thrown in the garbage.
So... I make my own wrappings that can be reused.

These Origami boxes are the simplest ones to make and really require nothing more than a bit of practice. (Do not be intimidated, these are easy enough kindergartners make them.)

What do you need to make these tiny treasure boxes?
Old greeting cards
Paper Scissors

Here is a link to some very simple, easy to follow directions that I recommend.

Tip #1: Start with 2 squares of paper- A fancy colorful square of paper (or fabric or whatever) about 1/4" larger than a plain paper. The larger square will be the top and will fit nicely over the slightly smaller.

Tip #2: Tie a ribbon around the box and hang it from the branches of your tree as a surprise gift.

Tip #3: To make these, you might also try stiff fabric covered board, printed photos- basically if it is pretty and foldable, it will work.

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Karol-Ann said...

Thanks for this Sarah - it looks like a wonderful way to present a gift.

Meredith said...

Thanks for the link. I never tried Orgami but the box looks like even I could make it.