Tuesday, July 3, 2007

What Gets In The Way

Swooze posed the question, "What gets in the way of my quilty progress?"
I thought I would be all clever and say things like "I work sooo many hours a day". Or "I progress just as much as I want". Or something equally untrue. Then I thought about being honest and talking about how I get distracted by butterflies and like to chat online in #QuiltChat and that I value my sitting around relaxing time as much as many other things in my life. And that my dog needs a walk, and my husband likes to see me.
But then I thought about what got in-the-way of my quilty progress the past 24 hours, and I realized, it is Adventure!

Life is an adventure to me. I am always turning over new rocks, poking my nose into new ideas, haring off to see something I have not yet seen, driving hundreds of miles just because I haven't been there yet.
Life is an adventure. And it can be exhausting.
Exhausting... when I do things like I did yesterday. I drove 8 hours (from Olympia WA to Northport WA) to start on a new path that the Universe (and Chrys) has offered. Then I drove home!
But! I am now a proud possessor of a Floor Loom!
For weaving!

This is an Allen-made 42 inch counterbalance loom, which I just unstrapped from the top of a friend's car. (Two hours of sleep, but who is counting?) (And that is my clawmonster Louis Cat.)
Now... I just have to figure out how it works!

See, adventure!


Kim said...

WOW! A loom!!! I've always wanted to learn but I think dh would kill me if I tried to convince him to get one-lol. Of course if I bring home another treadle to be worked on, it might happen anyway-
have a great 4th

Sarah Nopp said...

I actually got my dh to make that epic journey with me! He is a keeper for sure!

Kathy Wagner said...

Love your sense of adventure!
I hope to try your hot pad idea when my life settles down some...too many adventures!

swooze said...

How did you happen upon this? Have you loomed before? Nice find!

meggie said...

Lovely looking loom. Have fun getting to know it!
Thanks for visiting my blog, & leaving me a comment!

weirdbunny said...

A loom how fantastic is that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!