Saturday, July 14, 2007

Thread Catcher Bag & Pincushion

Thrifty Gift Maker Week 3
I hope all you chatters are having fun with the start of this group of projects- we have LOADS more ideas. So keep checking each week, and send me any ideas you may have.
And if you don't chat, you should!
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This week we are making a combo Pincushion with Thread Catcher Bag.

Make a Pincushion
I decided to make one that I found at abyquilt blog- it is a really fun-to-make pincushion that is chock full of inset seams.
You will stuff the bag with fluff like normal, but before you do you need to decide how you will attach the strap that connects the bag to the pincushion. I have seen buttons used, or simply sewing the strap to the bottom. I chose Velcro, so I added that bit of Velcro into the bottom of the pincushion before stuffing.

You will also need to add some weight to the bottom of the pincushion- a rice filled beanbag works just fine.
... Sew two 3 inch squares of fabric together, leaving one side open to pour in the rice. Whipstitch that side together after you add the rice. Put that into the bottom of the pincushion, then stuff with fluff like normal.

Make a strap to attach the 2 sections. The strap should be about 6 or 7 inches when finished. If you use Velcro, add that as you build the strap. Or if you decided on a button, add your buttonhole.

Make two bags
One will nest inside the other so that you can have reversible Thread Catcher Bag. I cut two fabrics at 12 x 5 inches, folded right sides together and sewed along the bottom and one side of each, leaving the top open.
Turn one bag right side out and place the other inside so wrong sides are together.
Stitch a line about 2 inches in from the top. This will connect the two bags, as well as form one edge of a channel to add the next element.

You want your bag to stay open right? Well, this is the most challenging part (for me at least!) You will need to find something to keep the mouth of your bag open. Some ideas that have been floated: Piping for upholstery, the plastic stuff from Weed Whacker/ Weed Whip, some Zip Ties. I chose gardening wire. But whichever you choose, you will need to put that into that started channel, then sew on the other side of your rigid thing to keep it there.

Add some sort decorative binding- to cover the raw edge of the top of the bag. I chose fabric in the same color as the strap.
Then add your Strap. Again, you could use a button or velcro. I decided to sew it to the bag.

Put it all together!

And send me a picture of your project!

Have some suggestions to make it better? I would love to see Comments.


swooze said...

Cute project! You did a nice job.

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Great sewing ! Thanks for dropping by my blog - the units are from Ikea, but they do have a big 'thumb hole' in each lid - I'm blocking them up ...been at it a while ;0)

Jan said...

On #4 you could use a strip of plastic canvas cut to the exact length and width that you need. You could whip stich the strip to form a loop after slipping into the bag's casing, then stitch casing closed. Where the wire can be bent, the plastic canvas will snap back out to hold bag open!

Cindy said...

I love your pincushion on your thread catcher. When I made one I used fish aquarium tubing to keep the top open. Worked great.
Thanks for all the wonderful ideas.