Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Temper Tantrum

I have been patient.
I have been good.

When I have been to the quilt store recently, I purchased only those fabrics necessary for the quilts I am currently working on. I did fondle the delicious Amy Butler fabrics. And all those stunning strawberry pinks, and chocolatey browns with swirls, and the key lime greens you just want to eat.
But I was good.
I looked, I fondled, I loooonged to buy them. But I was good. I bought none of them, I only admired them from afar.

But tonight...
I found quilts I must have, I must make!

Like this one, or this one at the delightful, whimsical Hambone and Jennicakes...
Or this one at Beth's...

I was inspired! Excited!! Elated!!!
So I decided I was going to go and buy those fabrics.

I was going to fill that need for those amazing fabrics. I was going to feel that simple, guttural, lusty pleasure. The one you get when you know you are naughty and you just don't care.

The store was closed!

How is that fair! Where is the justice?
Why should I have to wait 16 hours?
Why can't I have my fabric!!!
(insert temper tantrum)

...tonight, I find solace in other vices.


Sweet P said...

Was the store closed as in closed forever? Or just closed for the day? I hope it was only closed for the day that way you can go shopping today.

swooze said...

I love that pic of Lily watching over your shoulder!

Beth is such a bad influence isn't she?

Rhonda said... sound like me.

Kim said...

sometimes we all fall off the wagon- love the pug pic :)