Sunday, July 22, 2007

Travelling Pinholder Kit

Welcome to the 4th week of the #QuiltChat's Thrifty Gift Maker projects. Keep the fun ideas coming, they will be added to the list.
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This week is a Fun With a Glue Gun project: Travelling pinholder kit (or something... you tell me a better name!).
Very fast to make... about 15 minutes if you haven't had coffee.

You will need:
One Altoids tin (or similar)
One refrigerator magnet (make sure it is strong enough to attract your pins)
Glue Gun
Bits of fabric, stuffing, and batting

#1 Make a pincushion to fit the top of your Altoids (or other similar) tin:
Cut a bit of the fabric about 2 1/2 time longer than the opened tin. You will make this into a little pillow full of fluff. Sew it, flip it, stuff it. And if you the type who doesn't like wispy bits of fluff to poke out, then finish the opening you added the stuffing through.

#2 Glue the bits of batting to the top of your tin.

#3 Glue the pincushion (the little pillow you just made) to the top of the batting.

#4 Glue the magnet inside the bottom of the tin, magnet side up.

#5 Ta-Da!
You have a little travel tin that you can be sure won't open and spill out your pins! NOT childproof obviously.

#6... I think mine looks unfinished, maybe it needs a bit of cording or lace or ricrac along the edge...

Send pictures of your finished project to and it will be put in the photosite for Show & Tell!

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