Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fibers in hand, finally!

I finally had a chance to start my long awaited love affair with Weaving shops. For all the quilters I know, and knitters, there simply aren't many brick & mortars around me that carry supplies for weavers. Which means I have to order cones and tools online. And that is just not so much fun, since I want to TOUCH things.

Anyway, I recently had a chance to drive from Tucson AZ to Olympia (3 days, tired butt, missing espresso) and I took a bit of extra cash so that I could stop in to a Weaving shop somewhere along the way.

The Where: Eugene, Oregon.
The Shop: the Eugene Textile Center (
The goodies: 10/2 cottons & a sleying hook (Harrisville Designs).

I loved the shop- they are just chock full of great 'things'. And VERY friendly. (That ranks up there with supplies in my opinion of value.)
They have a ton of classes, and since I am only about a 4 hour drive north, something I will be watching for. She has looms available for people to use and make things. There are new & used looms for sale, new tools like hooks and warping boards and reeds and carding tools and more & more. Even a couple beginner looms- there was one marketed as a Knitter's Loom, which I think was just a good little rigid heddle loom with the basics to get started.
And of course fibers- silk & bamboo & wool and all. Just plenty to choose from. Oh- her "end of the cone" remnant selection was $8/lb.

I am proud of myself as I reined in my fiberlust and spent a very conservative $30- a half cone of pink and a new cone of natural, plus the hook. I could have easily spent a LOT more.

Take a look at the shop's website for directions, but it is north of Eugene on Hwy 99, right behind that Donut Shop you see in the picture.
And I must say Thank You to my father for agreeing to the side trip and letting my play in the shop a bit!

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Kim Dellow said...

Oops sorry Sarah - getting your hopes up for a craft show in Olympia WA! Fingers crossed you get one soon :)