Saturday, March 15, 2008

Migrating Robin... errr Spawning Salmon???

I signed up for a Round Robin with some of the other members of WASIQ (Washington State Internet Quilters).
We are calling it a Migrating Robin, because it is going all over the countryside as we work on each section. We all made a center block with something that is reminiscent of our area. Then each row has a specific set of rules to use when designing. We will all be including one of the fabrics we used in the center block. I think I will send the dark brown. Beige is everywhere, but that brown is rich and specific.

This is the Center block I made, just some extra 4-patch blocks I had from my Table Runner, plus some sashing, and I added a salmon applique (made of salmon fabric!).
We were also encouraged to include a journal for the others to write in- I decided to send my Soft Journal, with pages made of muslin. (I had not decided what to do with it, and since it is the same scraps as the block background, it just really fits.)

It will be shipped out just as soon as I hear who I have to send to. I can't believe I am done early! What is happening to me!

I have never participated in a Robin before, so I am excited to see how it works out and how I interpret each Round from another quilter.

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katelnorth said...

I have that salmon fabric - I love it :)