Thursday, June 20, 2013

ANWG Conference 2013

I am in Bellingham, WA on Western Washington University campus at the 2013 NW Weavers Conference. I am tired! But it is fun. I have met some great people sharing what they know with in the weaving world, and already learned quite a bit from my first class.
In this class with Kay Faulkner, we are learning sotis, the West Timor name of a warp faced weave structure she found on textiles from southeast Asia. It has a nice pebbled surface, like the more familiar Andean pebble weave. In order to translate this traditionally backstrap woven structure to a multi-shaft loom, it requires is a fairly complex warping sequence, as well and doubled and trebled threads in the heddles. As it is warp faced, it is also quite yarn intensive. I am weaving at 96 epi!
Actually, I am not weaving yet- that starts today. So I have no pictures to share. But I do have a picture of the view from the cafeteria here on this lovely campus.

The vendor and guild booths and juried shows open today, so I will have LOTS of pictures in the next post. Including a bit of what I have been doing. And I am here until Sunday.

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ShinyNewThing said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for your comment on my blog Too Many Hobbies. I couldn't reply directly as you have your Blogger profile set to 'no messages'. I was interested in your comment re DDO - what is the platform for that? My son has been playing using Skype to conference with his friends and some sort of file sharing programme so they can all see the same map, so he might be interested to hear of a better way. Best wishes, Shinynewthing