Sunday, May 3, 2009

Well... I have been an incredibly bad blogger for some reason. I keep blaming it on the workworkwork thing, but I know I could have posted something at least once in the last 45 days.
Anyway- here is proof I am still around.
Up above is one reason I have been so bad- I went on a bit of a break to the ocean. Ocean Shores is always so nice when it is quiet out and there aren't a million people around. And it is only an hour and half from home. And thankfully I have friends with little beach condos who will let me & hubby & small dog stay for a weekend break. At stare at the above from inside all warm and cozy.

The big dog shown with Lilly the Pug is one of the friends we met while out walking our many, many, many miles that weekend. I just love Bernese Mountain Dogs.
There is indeed a quilt store in Ocean Shores. Actually there are two, but I only stopped in at this one during this trip. I was more motivated by the idea of lovely chowder to do more than pop in for a bit of batik to finish off a project I had planned to start while at the beach. Of course, I promptly did nothing other than stare out the window at the lovely ocean view, but I did think quilting.
My biggest Happy Thing of the last month:
I found a warping board! (See the picture below) This was at a the Woodland Woolworks in Carlton Oregon, out in there bargain area. Woodland Woolworks is a new dangerous place for me. Good thing it is 3 hours away! I got to visit it while in Portland for a work conference. I also got to explore a few other shops like Yarnia (which is AMAZING) and Ruthie's Weaving Studio (which is also AMAZING). But I have no pictures of those places, so you will have to enjoy the one below.
For all the non-weavers, a warping board allows you to measure out yards of warp at a time. (Warp is the string that goes onto the loom first.) It keeps the warp orderly and untangled, and relatively even tension. Obviously, it is not a complex piece of machinery, but everything weaving related seems to be quite spendy lol So I was thrilled to find this one slightly used.
So that is my show and tell. And if I ever actually Start anything, or Finish anything, I will be sure to throw a party and tell you all about it. :)

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