Friday, February 20, 2009

Card weaving for newbies!

I attended my weaver's guild meeting today and besides all the amazing show & tells, we got to try out Card weaving. (If you haven't seen card weaving, just do a search on YoutTube. There are some really interesting videos, where people are basically shuffling the cards!)

In card weaving, you really do thread the yarn through the cards. Different threads through different holes at different intervals. Then you twist the cards and whatnot. Complex! (Fascinating!)

We used only 7 cards- apparently some amazing types will use over 100! (That just makes my brain hurt.) I brought it home halfway done and have it set up on a side table ready to complete. (I hope I remember how to finish... something about a crochet hook and the second to last row??? eek)

Anyway, card weaving is one the multiple ancient types of weaving, and it is used to make bands. Think horse decorations, bell pulls, belts, guitar straps, and any other thing needing long decorated straps. Sometimes they are sewn together to make wider fabrics too.

The one we started today is about the size of those friendship bracelets. But I am very proud of it!

If you have a chance to try it, do so. It is one of those things I have a sneaking suspicion is highly addictive, as the opportunity for variation is basically limitless.

And if you want to do a bit more research, just google it. It is a really interesting subject of a web-wander!

Oh- our wonderful teacher today was Lana Schneider, a woman of amazing amounts of energy and knowledge who loves to share it. I very much look forward to taking some lessons from her in the future.

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