Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fibers in my fingers

Alas- no photographic evidence. But I promise, I spent the day doing fiber-y things. Weave-fibers to be exact.
I was asked to help out at the Tumwater Harvest Festival
We spent the whole day introducing curious youngsters (and somewhat too-shy-to-try teens & adults) how a loom works. Lana, a member of my Weaver's Guild, brought three of her tabletop looms- all two-harness counterbalance, which are Perfect for explaining things on. And Edith brought a little hand loom she made from a bit of styrofoam packaging, which was a great way to explain what the machinery did.
Mostly the children, under 9 years, came right up and wanted to try it, and got somewhat enthralled. The ones older than that had to be encouraged a bit- that was my challenge. The adults were the worst, of course.
So I am now sitting with the dog, feet propped up with a lovely drop of Brandy.
And I have 2 things I am promising myself:
NO MORE BEING TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL. That's right. If it looks interesting, I am now obligated to try it. And forget the notion of being sophisticated or grown-up or whatever the notion is that keeps me holding myself back. I am committed to a course of looking foolish. Because didn't someone really smart say that Success isn't the knack of staying upright, but the knack of getting up after falling.
Number 2, I need to get the floor loom repaired and warped.
Although to be honest, I may allow myself to put that one off if I can borrow that 8-harness table top my guild has! Heehee


Rebel said...

It took me a long time to just start going with my gut about what I enjoyed and what I thought was fun. And I'm just getting comfortable telling people all the dorky things I love (parades, bowling, swing dancing). You know - people who are unhappy in life will always judge, but people who know how to be happy won't begrudge you your happiness.

swooze said...

What is wrong with your loom? Can you do the repairs?

Sarah Nopp said...

Hi Rebel- I agree. And the people I love to be around most are the ones who are willing to take those chances and really live!
Swooze- It is minor repair work. About an hours worth of retacking the canvas, new treddle hinge connections, some treddle tie-ups and a crack in the book/tool holder. Minor. :) I am just lazy and haven't been done so.