Thursday, July 3, 2008

I got Squishies!

yaa yaa yaa!
I got 2 squishies in the mail today. (Plus a little gift for a client, which I get to deliver to her tomorrow.)

The first squishie has an AirMail sticker on it and came from someone in France- my ALQS quiltlet! I made my husband come out with all my hollering and carrying on LOL
But of course, you all want to know, Who made it???

Ann- from enbellefrance, made me this most wonderful modern flavored quilt of strong colors and shapes. Plus a great postcard (it will go on my wall of postcards from far flung places) and these two really amazing little books. (Ann, you should tell the maker of these tiny notebooks to sell on Etsy or whatever you have on that side of the pond.)

I love how she did the little corner hanging tabs. And take a look at the back of the quilt where you can see the quilting a bit better- I love both sides!

Now... where to hang it. Office? Living room? Bedroom? Above my loom?

The second squishie is the next round of the Round Robin I am doing. I sent my central block off a few months ago and have been diligently working on the Robins that came through. But we are not allowed to show what we are working on- EEEeeeee

I would love to share what I have been doing, but the rules say "No". So this is a bit of a teaser for someone else :)

I have to add a border of applique... so will have to start ASAP.

I love squishies. This is great fun!


Karol-Ann said...

wow! You are very lucky. I admired this quilt when i saw just a sneaky peek on Anne's blog!

Tanya Brown said...

These are some great squishies. May they give you great pleasure!