Wednesday, June 4, 2008


No, not the kind that we all fight against.

Real labels. For quilts!

Because in my guild, we get flogged when we forget to add one!

So here is proof that I made a label for the quilt I made.
I made it. Isn't it cute?

The quilt was auctioned off for a Habitat For Humanity fundraiser last March. The quilt was made of the winning posters of the annual Third Grade Poster Contest and some batik-white nine patch blocks I received in a swap from WASIQ members. The posters are from a county-wide contest my local Association of Realtors holds every year. (I am a Realtor, if you didn't know.)
But this is the first year we made a quilt from the posters. (I may have created a monster!)
The agent who bought it gave it as a gift to her broker, and my understanding it is going to hang at a local office for all to enjoy.
I also delivered it, so that is a FINISH!!!
Just in time for me to get started on the one for next year LOL But we hope to get it done sooner this year so we can raffle it off and raise even more money.
Wish me luck!


Tanya Brown said...

Very clever!

Ruth's Place said...

Beautiful quilt. I love the blocks from the posters.