Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hooky & a Finish

I played a bit of hooky from work today and managed to put together this child-sized tote for a small friend who is going to Disneyland in a couple days. It is a birthday present (don't ask how late it is, eek!) and I hope she uses it to keep busy on that flight.

I stuffed it with colored pencils and a little sketch book and some stickers and other drawing paraphrenalia. It may be a tad old for her, but I know she will excited to get a grown up style gift like this.

I decided to make this a reversible tote- it is hard to see since I used the same fabrics inside & out. But you can see the difference at the seam lines on the pictures here, and I added a pocket to one side and a set of pockets to the other.

Now... I just have to get this to the child BEFORE she leaves on vacation!


jovaliquilts said...

What a great gift! I'm sure the lucky recipient will be thrilled! I love that fabric. I have an eyeglass case made from it (someone else made it, not me) and alas I've used it so much it's wearing through.

Andrea said...

Better late than never Sarah - lol. It is a lovely gift.

Lorraine said...

well done.....lucky little get your gift AND be going to Disneyland!

Aileen said...

That is so cute, I'm sure it'll be well loved.