Saturday, February 23, 2008

Finally- a day to sew

I have not had a chance to sew since the last time I posted on my blog. Can you believe it!!

My sewing machine didn't even make it out of its little travel bag. :(
I know, I know... I should be glad that I am staying busy and have work to do and clients to help. (But I am being selfish right now, so I will not admit that.)

So when today dawned as the Sew-In day in Lakewood, I went.

I will admit, I didn't get much done. Just a mitered border on the auction quilt.
But it felt good to be with the other quilters and just gabbing and having fun.

Here is the newly bordered quilt:


Desi said...

Oh, the mitering looks really nice. I'm so impressed. Thank you for your nice comment!

Saphirz said...

Hiya, Have been missing you every time going into chat, Thought you fell of the face of the earth.
Glad to see you back to sewing, that quilt is coming along so nice love the colors.

Andrea said...

I've missed your postings - hope you get more time to sew soon.

Kim said...

yeah you got to sew!!!!
Quilt looks great also...
hope you get more seewing time in

Rhonda said...

I really like the quilt with the mixed media or whatever they're calling it these days.