Sunday, November 18, 2007

Charity Quilt Update

So... I sewed and I sewed,
and I unsewed and I unsewed.
And I got to wondering Why do the simple things always have to be unsewed???
I did get the majority of the top finished- all the rows are pieced. Now it just needs borders! (And quilting and binding.)
So my finish date Goal is December 1.
Just in time for the Charity Auction. Nothing like cutting it close!
Thanks to my friends at the sew-in for their encouragements and ideas.

The commitee doing all the work for the Charity Auction met this morning and they felt having this quilt available for a members-only auction was a wasted opportunity. As parents and grandparents all, they all agreed that they would personally love the opportunity to bid on something like this.
So they talked and brainstormed for about an hour, and now this quilt will be auctioned off in March, at the Awards luncheon for next year's Poster Contest winners!
We will have time to invite the teachers and parents and administrators to come and help us raise some good money for a charity. And maybe this will become an annual item.
So a bit of a reprieve...
But I still think I will try to keep to my timeline of December 1. Because then we can use pictures of the finished quilt to generate interest long beforehand. :)


Andrea said...

Sarah - you came up with a great setting. It looks wonderful. You just can't go wrong with 9-patches.

Rhonda said...

Those nine patches seem to draw the eye to each picture...Good job!

Kim said...

I love the top and such great links to even more things I want to make :)