Sunday, December 23, 2007

Stockings are hung...

Yes, I have been busy readying for Santa to visit. Unlike sooo many of you, I am sure.
We have lots of pretty gifties around the tree and I need to wrap only the gifts for my husband's sister and her husband. They will be joining us for our traditional Christmas Morning Margaritas & Monster Movies. (We have no little ones, so we get to celebrate however we want!)
(These are the stockings we put up this year- the Snowman: the one I received this year from Swap; Blue Santa Pants: my original stocking from my childhood; the Gingerbread: from last year's swap; Red with Star: my darling husband's stocking. Plus some cute things and candles.)

Anyway, what with all the last minute projects to complete, things to mail, work to finish up, there has been no time to create new Gifties, photo them, write a How To and Post! Yes, whine, whine, whine.

So I decided to post a couple pictures of my tree and my mantle, since I am seeing so many on other blogs.

(Our tree is a little 4 foot fake tree that goes up in about 20 minutes and tears down even faster. When we moved into our home, we realized this little cutout between the living room and dining room is EXACTLY they right size.
So we can never move. This is just too easy.)
What does your tree look like?
Put a link to your pictures in the comments, so we can all see!


Tanya Brown said...

Margaritas and monster movies sound just right to me. Such fun! Can we get started early?

Sarah Nopp said...

Yes- all are welcome to join. Just bring something unhealthy to share. If you bring children, they are welcome to run crazy and get sugared up, but I am not taking care of them. And I spike my brandy.
Dogs are welcome too :)

Sarah Nopp said...

Oops, I mean I spike my EGGNOG with brandy. heehee

Kathy Wagner said...

That made me smile...margueritas and monsters?!?!?!
Merry Christmas Sarah!

Rhonda said...

Margaritas.....I'm all for that!