Saturday, December 15, 2007

Stocking Swapped!

The Chatter-ers of just did our annual secret santa stocking swap, and I got this great haul from a friend in Texas!
Thank you so much to my secret Santa. I received a really top-quality LARGE stocking (shown here hanging on my mantle) with a big old snowman and shiny things. And she actually managed to put ALL the little fun things inside!

She filled it with lots & lots of good back up supplies: quilter's T-pins (really appreciated!!!), thimble, measuring tape, plus some Dressmaker's chalk pencils in different colors- I needed those!
Of course some nice fabric, some cute Santa tissues, a CD of Christmas classics, a handful of Candy Canes, a really cute tealight holder and a funny little ornament.

Thank you txstitches!

I think the first thing I will use, after eating a Candy Cane of course... is the Dressmaker's chalk- I have this chalkboard fabric I have been itching to play with :)

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Kim said...

Sarah- what we the requirements for this swap? I'm looking for one for one of my groups...and this looks so different than the rest.