Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bucket Bag Tote

Sometimes you just need to make yourself a gift. So how about a tote?

Maudie from #QuiltChat shared this really great bag she made. She found it while blogsurfing, and low and behold, the blog is owned by Chatter-friend from years past!
Andrea's blog is full of wonderful things. She is one of those fantastic over-achiever types that seems to piece a new top every time I look her up. (She really has some fun projects, so I hope you take some time to dig around a bit.)

Here are the directions that Andrea has posted for us:

Bucket Bag Tutorial, Part 1

Bucket Bag Tutorial, Part 2

Bucket Bag Tutorial, Part 3

Breaking the How-To up into bite sized pieces is a nice touch. Thanks Andrea!

And Thank you to Maudie for showing us this could be done.

This is another project for Thrifty Gift Maker hour, a live online chat held at #QuiltChat- all are welcome to join in the fun! I host Gift Maker Chat on Sundays @ 7 pm & Mondays @ 10 am Eastern US Time, but there are usually folks in around the clock if you want to chat at other times.


Sarah Nopp said...

Maudie said she had one Tip:
she likes the straps to be more padded, so she cut the batting the same width as the strap fabric.

Let us know if you have other recommendations.

Mel said...

Do we make the lining the same as the bag and sew straps on and lining?