Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wee Wonderful Elf!

This is a fun time of year to peruse the Web and see the fun projects that others are making. Just surf around and look at your favorite Design sites, sewing machine manufacturer sites and places like and you will see so many great ideas!

This cute little Elf (see the pattern here) in redwork is from the Wee Wonderfuls blog of Hillary Lang, who always has something fun and cute in the works!

The design set is a girl-elf and boy-elf and her pattern shows these bits of stitchery on a pair of stockings. I may just follow suit with mine! Or it could be a cute bib, or maybe a little wall hanging, or christmas ornament, or...

Have you never done redwork? Have no fear!

This little elf-girl is my first attempt and it only took me about 90 minutes.

Redwork is a good introduction to hand embroidery and this pattern is a great start, and won't take you long at all.
If you would like more specific information about redwork, look here. And here is a good primer on the basic stitches you should know. (But basically, you just trace the pattern onto a fabric and use a needle and floss and sew it on!)

Happy Gift Making!

This is another project for Thrifty Gift Maker hour, a live online chat held at #QuiltChat- all are welcome to join in the fun! (I have lost track a bit, lost count of the time LOL)I host Gift Maker Chat on Sundays @ 7 pm & Mondays @ 10 am EST, but there are usually folks in around the clock.


swooze said...

Very cute!

Kim said...

yours looks better than my first chocolate block looked :(
I'm redoing it with way smaller stitches! But I love the elves-