Saturday, April 14, 2007

WAAH! Having to share

Well, I am slightly (and hopefully very temporarily) decommissioning my sewing space.

See... I am moving my home work space back to the main office.

So my husband thinks he should get to move inside the house for his business... sigh...

That means I have to share. And it probably means I will have to tidy up more often.

But on the bright side, it could be worse! (knock on wood) (We could be getting a child in to live with us!) Gasp! Horror!

Still, it is quite sad putting the machine away into the closet and shutting the door to the fab stash. And just WHERE am I going to put my books? Despair!


Kathy Wagner said...

OH dear...your sewing machine will not like it in the closet!!! You did a great job of cleaning up. Very inspiring!

Rhonda said...

Bless your heart. Try purchasing a rolling counter of some sort so that you can roll things away then easily roll them out. As for sharing what I did when I taught school. Place a line of masking tape to divide the room. Of course, you'd get the biggest portion. lol