Saturday, March 17, 2007

Boar Block, Trial #1

Here is my first attempt at this Boar. As you can probably tell, I chose background fabric that was a bit too simiar in value to the fabric I used for the Boar. I really need more fabs for boars I guess :) I also think the tusk needs to be larger... and I am just not happy with the head and snout yet...

Maybe I will make some changes. Maybe I will get distracted and make something else. :)

Like more little house blocks.


swooze said...

Welcome to the stashbuster webring! Can't wait to see the final object!

Sweet P said...

Welcome to the stashbuter ring and to the blogging world. I hope you like it here.

The fabrics are too close in value. I agree with you.

I hope you stick with it. You'll be proud of yourself when you're finished.

Lynn E said...

You drafted your own pattern way to go. I agree with your diagnosis of value. Don't stop now. I to am a FQ shopper. happy sewing