Sunday, May 5, 2013

   In keeping with my tradition of forgetting to post things, I have forgotten to post pictures from Winter Quarter. I may remember to post pictures of completed work at some point, but we are halfway through Spring Quarter now! 
   I am not in any assigned studio practice this quarter. Instead, I am working on two internships. The primary internship has me working in the Archives at Evergreen, which is fascinating, to say the least! I am processing and sorting the papers of an anthropologist who taught here, and is still working in the area. I am also working with the Olympia Weavers Guild doing photo documentation variety of archival work, so it is related. Explaining it all sounds exhausting, so I will leave it at that. But I am earning a full load in just this archival practices internship. 
   I also have a number of projects in the works personally, and I have made it into both the metals studio and ceramics studio, plus pulling together some tools in the wood shop. I ought to pull together all the practical things I have made this quarter for a photo shoot too.
   By the way, the number of books for the quarter: 22. That sounds exhausting too. So to avoid both exhausting issues, which I brought up, here are some pretty pictures from the beach. (It was over 80 degrees out this weekend, so we ran away.)

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