Friday, February 26, 2010

Can't live without

I just need to tell everyone about these totally geeky half gloves. I think they are made for knitters.
I use them for everything!
I have arthritis in my hands and arms from various things like waitressing and keyboarding. And sometimes, especially if the barometer changes dramatically I get all achey and doing small motor skills things hurts.
But since I got these little nylon gloves, no more pain! (And I have been playing lots & lots of video games so I have definitely stress-tested them.)
Thanks, just had to share.
PS- Yes, they are turned inside out. I think it is counter productive to have the extra pressure of seams on my wrists.


Jessica said...

Where did you get these gloves? My roommate has arthritis and I wonder if these might help...

Sarah Nopp said...

Hi Jessica, I picked up these gloves at Joanns Fabrics and crafts and whatnot. Since then, I have seen other varieties of the same thing.

Sarah Nopp said...

Oh- they were called Knitting gloves.