Saturday, June 20, 2009

An embarrassment of riches

An embarrassment of riches...
or perhaps the title should be "why you should find a guild when you are just getting started".

I may have mentioned how impressed I am with the Olympia Weaver's Guild, of which I am a newer member. I have probably mentioned how openly the welcomed me, invited me to get involved and just assumed I was interested in things so included me. That in itself would make me sing their praises forever. I know this is not the experience every new member finds in guilds.
But I also am astounded at the depth of knowledge of my guild members. And their willingness to share. Anytime I have a question, I will be given all the information I could want, with mini-debates about the easiest way to learn, and who is the best teacher.
I even found two of my guild members referenced in the last WeaveCast!
And all of that is wonderful.
But my biggest reason for recommending newbies find a guild...
Acquisition Costs!

I attended the annual Summer BBQ & Garage Sale for my guild this past week. Look what I got! (And at an incredible discount to full retail.) Wools and cottons and mohair and all sorts and sizes. I limited myself to one bag only, and didn't buy any of the specialty handspun out for sale. I was truly looking for end of cones and fun bits to bulk up my stash.I was quite content with all this loveliness. It was quite a heavy bag.
But as I was getting to ready to leave, I mentioned that I had decided to look for a rigid heddle loom.
"Look no further, I have one for you" was the response.
And here is my new loom!
It is a lovely solid loom by Craft Yarns of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. I am going to do some research and see if they are still around, see if they have additional heddles at different dents, and of course I will have to start playing with it!
(I won't even tell you the embarrassingly generous price she gave it to me for. Let me just say I am indebted.)
And now I have another loom.
Time to start making things!


Sande Francis said...

That is a very nice loom. You will surely appreciate the breast beams as you get to weaving on it. My only RH is the Ashford (not the newer knitter's loom) and I love it dearly. I got the stand to go with it and I have all 4 heddles. I've made lots of scarves - see them at

Linda Z said...

Check may find that heddles for the old style Schacht looms will fit (or can be adapted to) this loom. I have what I found to be a Sears Hearthside loom that I'm going to be able to adapt to those heddles. Hooray!

Adrianna said...

I have the same loom and I love it. I am especially impressed with the all-wooden heddle that came with it. But after weaving a place-mat set, a tapestry, a table runner and a scarf on this 6-dent heddle, I think I am ready for trying 12-dent heddle. What brand/manufacturer would you recommend?

kimanjome said...

Hi. I just came across this post, 5 years later! Did you ever discover another reed for this loom (I am bidding on one, i love the rachet and pawl system). It looks like a Schact 25" cna be easily adapted. I'd like a 12 dent, if possible.