Saturday, December 13, 2008


Open Time for Stocking Swap from QuiltChat!

My chat buddy & Stocking Swap swappee (she sent to me & I sent to her) is Sharon-UK with a delightful blog to look through.
This was a lot of fun this year, both sending and receiving, as I found some great things I just know she will adore.
But look at my loot!
Red-white-blue stocking (large)
hand knitted socks!!!
lined project bag with zipper bag
magazine about knitting
pattern for Bento Box quilt & cross-stitch card
gorgeous indigo fabrics!
lovely little striping yarn
cute little house magnets
a little squishie bear & key chain (both UK themed)

Thanks Sharon! This was great fun!

One question: What are these things for?


ShinyNewThing said...

Lol, strange to see it all again in technicolour! Glad you liked it all and I'm really pleased the socks fit. have a very happy christmas and best wishes for the new year, Sharon

Guðrún said...

Swapping is so much fun.

Alycia said...

Cute stocking!

Jeri is said...

I believe the item that you can't identify on the left in the bottom picture is a tool that makes binding. You cut strips on the diagonal of the grain.....I can't remember what that is called! Then you put the end of the strip into the large end of the device, and as you pull it through, you iron it as it comes out. Voila', you've got some binding!

Someone else will have to identify the other tool. I'm sure it will do something nifty!

Sarah Nopp said...

Thanks to Beatrice from France for a great description of my mystery things :) (But was not able to leave a comment for some reason.)

"The mystery item at the top of the picture is a sewing clamp. You may have seen them combined with a pincushion and the clamp looked like a bird (and the whole thing was called a sewing bird).
I think this clamp is meant to hold your fabric if you are hemming it (by hand, of course !) : you attach the cord to something and clamp the fabric between the teeth of the clamp so you can keep the fabric slightly taut as you're sewing.
I have seen something similar in Japanese patchwork books : the ladies there use it instead of the hoop when they are quilting ...

You can see it here :

but I haven't found a picture of it being used.

The other item is indeed a bias maker (to make bias strips out of any fabric).

PS I love the subtitle of your blog (sounds familiar ...)

Beatrice (from France)"